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Oak Green Lodge

by Options for Life

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Accessibility details Fully accessible
Opening hours 9 am to 5 pm

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Oak Green Lodge is a busy and bustling community hub providing a range of interesting and exciting activities for our participants and members of the local community. We have 2 large rooms downstairs and 1 upstairs that can be used for activities, lunch clubs, evening super clubs, craft days and much more. Our large dining area also has a kitchen area where cookery/baking/entertaining sessions take place. We have a purpose built Art Studio with lots of resources including pottery wheel accessible for wheelchairs. We have a large adult changing room with hoist and shower facilities. Woman Zone is a ladies only service. This was first created in 1996 when it became apparent a service was needed for ladies in the Asian community with a learning disability and/or Autism. We offered the ladies access to a service where there was no mixing between male and female Participants which meant the needs and religious requirements of the ladies would not be compromised. The original name of the service was Roshni which means light and the service has continued to grow since then. The service is now known as Woman Zone and it has Participants from all ethnic backgrounds but continues to be a ladies only service, with the opportunity to mix on occasions if desired. Allotment/Secret Garden - For some of our Participants being indoors around large groups of people can be daunting, others being too close to them or high volumes of noise can make them feel anxious. At Oak green Lodge we have some great outdoor spaces, and one of these is our allotment. This is a large area where our Participants can unwind and discover a whole new world. The space is secure, so there is always the opportunity for individuals who want or need to be alone at times can become self-absorbed, planting seeds, or watering what is already growing. The allotment gives the Participant the opportunity to experience what it is like to plant from a seed, nurture it and watch it grow giving them a sense of achievement. There is also a sense of pride when it comes to the harvest of what they have grown because they can proudly bring it back to the Hub to be cooked. Oak Green Lodge is also where our head office is situated and our Secret Garden. We create bookable activity schedules based on the Participants preferences and needs. Part of our aim is to provide community experiences for Participants which others may take for granted.

Staff qualifications Staff are qualified to deliver the services of Options for Life. We have specialist Art, Music, Drama and Gardening staff.
Genders Both
Age focus 18 year olds, 19-25 year olds, 26-65 year olds, 65+ year olds

About the organisation

Options for Life enables local people with a learning disability to advance their personal development and lead a full life in the community, using the support and friendship of staff and volunteers. The organisation has a Christian philosophy which is the foundation of all of the services and activities that we provide. We offer a wide range of small innovative area-based services, including a service for Asian women, a service for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, an African Caribbean service, a service for people aged over 50, a Supporting People service, a service for parents with learning disabilities and their children, an art service, community cafes and a social business, offering household maintenance and gardening services for paying customers. We also have a hydropool and sensory room, both of which are available for hire by individuals and community groups.

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