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KeyRing offer a low level tenancy support for vulnerable adults who live in the Sandwell area. We support people who want to maintain their independence and build upon new life skills. KeyRing offers support to all different types of people who have different medical conditions. KeyRing work with individual’s to build up their confidence and self-esteem and achieve goals set out by them. KeyRing support by going to the individual’s homes on a weekly basis to support them to achieve their goals. KeyRing offer a community network side to the support, where we have a CLV living in a area, who is support that area to develop a network so vulnerable adults have a network of support when KeyRing ends the support in that area. KeyRing offer’s a wide range of support, which includes- support to get the correct benefits, support to attend college, support to start getting into work- KeyRing is a member led organisation who encourages and promotes the individual to give to us as much as they want to achieve out of the support. KeyRing supports in the way so that vulnerable adults are ready for life when support has ended. Along side with our tenancy support KeyRing offer a community side, where we offer a weekly meet up for individuals to make new friends and to get out of the house. KeyRing offer a monthly meet up for a day out for all individuals and family within the service, we facilitate and organise this, this is a member led activity and hope that with the support from KeyRing to help it get started that Individuals will carry it on once Keyring have finished in that area. KeyRing promote pop up hubs around Sandwell for individuals’ to drop in and have a social event their. These hubs are a chance for people to meet other people in the service. With a weekly guest speaker’s from other organisations in Sandwell, such as, healthy Sandwell, IRIS. This is an educational aspect where we give individuals information of other services which Sandwell provide for vulnerable adults.

Staff qualifications All staff are appropriately trained.
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Age focus 18 year olds, 19-25 year olds, 26-65 year olds, 65+ year olds

About the organisation

KeyRing provide support to adults who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, who require support to live independently in their community. Member’s may have mental health needs, learning disabilities, substance misuse or are deemed vulnerable adults. Keying provides a Network of Support that helps people develop independent living skill and provide weekly support sessions for the Member. The range includes emotional support, healthy living, budgeting, debt, risk management, safeguarding, employment, volunteering, confidence building, travel training, developing social skills flexible housing related support, neighbourly support, mutual support and any associated problems.

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