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Warm Space (Brasshouse Community Centre)

by North Smethwick Development Trust

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Accessibility details Fully accessible
Opening hours 10am to 4pm
Please note: Over the Christmas period. We will be closed. Our centre will close on 23rd Dec 22 and will re-open on Wednesday 4th Jan 23.

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We know residents are worried about the rising cost of living. So, in addition to our regular activities, we’re also acknowledging the Community Centre as a recognised Warm Space. A warm space is a free, safe and supportive spaces you can visit during the colder months. All Sandwell libraries will be providing a warm, welcoming space and they're also providing Warm Spaces at some community and leisure centres. At Warm Spaces, you can also have a chat with staff about other support services available. Get advice and information about benefits, energy support, managing bills, how local charities can help, and how to access community support to combat isolation. Wherever you live in Sandwell, you can access any of the Warm Spaces.

Staff qualifications Staff are qualified to deliver the services of North Smethwick Development Trust.
Genders Both

About the organisation

North Smethwick Development Trust provides provides a range of local services and activities from Brasshouse Community Centre. It operates as a development trust and is concerned with the long term rengeneration of the North Smethwick area using an independent community led approach. Its founding ideas are to: facilitate the residents of North Smethwick to actively participate in, and contribute to, the process of improving the qualityof life in the area.

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