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Sikh Helpline

by Sikh Helpline

About our activities / service

Accessibility details The Helpline is fully accessible.
Opening hours 24/7

We are a helpline to support people struggling with poor mental health. We support communities which are unable to get help due to stigmas and cultural barriers through a confidential helpline service. Some of the areas we support on include: Alcohol and substance abuse Domestic abuse Hate crime or discrimination Bullying Relationship issues Depression Grooming and many more. Any issue where a person doesn't know where to turn to. We are here to stop a person suffering in silence. We have volunteers based nationally who support anyone over the phone within the UK. Our volunteers background include, social services, CAB, counselors, teachers and lawyers.

Staff qualifications Staff qualified to deliver services of the Helpline.
Genders All
Age focus 18 year olds, 19-25 year olds, 26-65 year olds, 65+ year olds

About the organisation

The Sikh Help Line was set up to offer counselling to young children teenagers and adults who may require assistance or guidance issues ranging from grooming, domestic abuse through to racism and substance addiction. With an understanding of these cultural issues and barriers, the Sikh Helpline offers a support network for these victims.” The 24 hour helpline - 0845 644 0704 or 07999 004 363 - is manned by trained individuals who speak both English and Punjabi and are equipped to handle problems faced by individuals today.

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